We sincerely hope you choose to have a professional video your wedding day. It is so many things for so many people. For family it’s the centerpiece of their DVD collection and for friends it’s a oh wow experience on Facebook. For you personally it’s a piece of your history and a way of reliving the day remembering all those feelings and realizing what all that planning was for in the first place.

When it comes what type of wedding video there are a lot of styles to choose from such as a cinematic experience offering Hollywood style techniques capturing those intimate moments before and after the wedding or a more of straightforward and less expensive documentary style approach with those important moments of “I do” and that very first kiss as husband and wife or anything in between.

Our wedding package is designed to make your wedding planning go a little easier.

$1200 – Our Gold package is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a simple documentary style wedding video of their ceremony:
*3 Cameras (one manned 2 unmanned) to capture your wedding and a lapel mic so you can hear “I do”.
*Behinds the scenes getting ready at the location of your wedding ceremony.
*All major moments at your reception
*A highlight video online perfect for sharing on Facebook.
*The entire ceremony and reception edited to 3 boxed keepsake DVDs.

Add some cool stuff:
*Our remote operated camera setup at your ceremony and/or reception.
*A special love story video shot before you wedding that plays at your reception.
*An additional camera person shooting with a steady cam for beautiful flowing shots.
*The whole day is captured starting at the beauty salon.
*A special moments video plays the day of at your reception.
*Have your wedding video mastered to BluRay disc